Our #1 Concern is


Everything uploaded to SeamlessDocs are kept private.


SeamlessDocs utilizes bank grade security and proprietary encryption techniques to ensure the highest level of security for your documents and data.  SeamlessDocs utilizes 256 bit SSL encryption in addition to state of the art server infrastructure to make sure that all of your data and documents are private and secure.


Any data or documents uploaded to SeamlessDocs is kept private and can viewed, edited, or signed by users or people as you direct.  Your files will always be kept private and never used for any purposes other than you specify.  Any documents added to your Template Gallery will only be accessible within your account and accessible only to Users that you specify.


 All signed documents are accessed over a secure HTTPS channel using 256 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).   This is the same level of encryption to what banks and government agencies utilize.  We have multiple layers of encryption using advanced cryptographic key methodologies to make sure your data is always secure.


This is the basic SeamlessDocs cloud architecture. It is securely organized to ensure that firewalls separate data and servers as well as make sure that any information is ALWAYS transferred over a 256 encrypted connection.

Legality & Audit

SeamlessDocs tracks all activity on the platform and with any signing activity.  We track various info points as well as utilize secure cryptographically generated encryption keys at each step of the way.  We track things such as name, email, IP address and additional User Agent information.  We utilize state of the art hashing technology to ensure that the data and documents cannot be tampered.

Secure Architecture

SeamlessDocs works with the most trusted in hosting and database specialists to configure our server architecture.  Our servers are hosted on dedicated servers with a firewall as well as multiple other protection tools as a layer.  We use state of the art processes to ensure that  go over and above when it comes to security and privacy.

Security Model

Our security management model consists of four main stages:Plan, Do, Check, Act, as recommended by the ISO 27001 standard. Our Customer Security Program, built on the foundation of this model, combines SeamlessDocs expertise with technology and services. The result? A differentiated service level for you and your business goals.

Secure Sync with your Cloud

We securely connect to any cloud storage platform or can do a custom connection with your cloud or server of choice.  We then offer the option to purge all data from SeamlessDocs thus creating the most secure connection for collecting information.


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Potential Certifications

We offer most certifications out of the box but certain security requirements necessitate additional agreements as well as additional cost.

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