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SeamlessDocs and our government form solution, SeamlessGov, is honored to be recognized and featured in the press.  Take a look at some of our coverage in the press.

Prince of Paperwork

CEO, Jonathon Ende, presented with award by the Prince and Mayor de Blasio.

Prince William and NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio awarded SeamlessDocs' CEO Jonathon Ende the GREAT Tech award for an innovative company that can provide a technology service to assist and advance international paper and form based processes.

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PC Mag Editors Choice

Ranked Top 3 Web App by PC Mag!

SeamlessDocs was chosen as a top web app for business.  Every business needs forms, luckily SeamlessDocs tools can help.

In Their Words

Some of our favorite quotes in the Press.

Everyone will thank SeamlessDocs if it really has the fix for painfully lousy government websites

Ben Fischer

Like Dropbox and Steroids.

Jordan Crook

Ranked #3 BEST Small Business Web App


in their words


5 Startups Taking On The Big, Unsexy Problems Of City Government

Publication: FastCompany

SeamlessDocs lets government take existing PDF documents and converts them instantly into web-fillable forms. "It's not sexy because people don't talk about PDFs and paperwork, but it really does solve a problem...”

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NextCity's 2015 40 Under 40 Vanguard Conference Selects SeamlessDocs' CEO Jonathon Ende

Publication: NextCity

Next City announced last week that Jonathon Ende, SeamlessDocs CEO, was selected to attend Next City's 2015 40 under 40 Vanguard conference in Reno, Nevada this May. The invite-only conference rewards individuals that are dedicated to urban innovation and show promise to create positive government change. Jonathon was chosen out of 300 high-achieving candidates from different private and public sector organizations across the United States.

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The Best Industries for Starting a Business in 2015

Publication: INC Magazine

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SeamlessDocs CEO, Jonathon Ende chosen as one of 33 “Hottest Entrepreneurs in NYC Right Now.”

Publication: AlleyWatch

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SeamlessDocs chosen as Top 5 Civic Start Ups to Watch by

Publication: Govtech

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Prince William and Mayor Deblasio Present SeamlessDocs CEO with GREAT Tech Award

Location: Empire State Building, NYC

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SeamlessDocs Wants to Take Some Paper Out of Government

Publication: GovTech

“Bouganim said the company's willingness to offer customization to government clients drew his interest… with its nimble framework and government emphasis, Bouganim said the company has positioned itself quickly as a player to watch.”

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In Allenstown, tech is a path to efficiency, transparency

Publication: Concord Monitor

“With SeamlessDocs, the customer is essentially typing directly into the town’s software, and when they’ve finished, an email is automatically sent to the building inspector, town planner, planning board, sewer superintendent and whoever else may need to know.”

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Winners Announced For UK Government's Annual GREAT Tech Awards Competition

Publication: PR Newswire

“These awards are designed to make it as easy as possible for the best and brightest American tech companies to make international growth a reality by locating in the UK.”

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New Startup Fund Aimed at Solving Gov Problems

Publication: Public Spend Forum

“Given how much difficulty governments often have with secure online forms… it could be solving a major problem for government bodies at every level.”

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There’s a New $23 Million Venture Fund for Government Startups

Publication: re/code

“... they appeal to local ‘chief CTOs with an iPad in one hand and this 1980s technology in the other.’ ”

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SeamlessDocs Consumes APIS to Enhance Document Workflow

Publication: Progammable Web

“But even with its focus on its own tech, this Code for American Accelerator alum still consumes external APIs in order to allow better integration of its service into its customers’ document infrastructure.”

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VTS Partners with SeamlessDocs with Product to Bring All Government Forms Online Seamlessly

Publication: PR Newswire

“With SeamlessDocs, users of VTS no longer need to worry about submitting an incorrect form. Having a layout that is easy to use and understand would mean that the room for error would ultimately decrease.”

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Code For America Accelerator Picks Five New Startups for Program

Publication: Wall Street Journal

“These are companies selected for their potential to help governments save money, eliminate inefficiencies, and make government services easier for citizens to find and use.”

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Everyone will thank SeamlessDocs if it really has the fix for painfully lousy government websites

Publication: Biz Journals

“SeamlessDocs has a solution for anybody who's ever left a government website after trying to fill out a form, muttering, ‘What year is this, 1994?’”

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Seamless Docs: Turn Any Document Into a Digital Legal Form

Publication: Alley Wire

“An avid user of SeamlessDocs, CEO of Founder Shield Benji Markoff says his company used to take 6-8 hours per client on the paperwork side of business. With SeamlessDocs, his company now only takes 5-10 minutes.”

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in Our Words

September 10, 2014

I Didn’t Always Code for America

I didn’t always code for America. In fact, I am not sure I even knew it was an option. Like many start ups, I started SeamlessDocs by accident. I had a 65 person outsource paralegal processing center and was infuriated dealing with the inefficiencies of paper.

Jonathon Ende