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What We Do

SeamlessDocs allows anyone to convert any doc into a fillable, mobile friendly cloud doc that can be completed, eSigned if necessary and build a database in real time of the info collected. It has proprietary eSigning technology and field detection technology automatically detects fields on any PDF or Word Doc.

SeamlessDocs launched to work with governments to replace their PDFs with SeamlessDocs so they can be completed from any device and eSigned. This allows them to avoid repetitive admin tasks and data entry; cutting costs and increasing efficiency.It also includes a free marketplace of forms that can be seamlessly exchanged, completed and signed online (and drive traffic to the site).

Why Us?

SeamlessDocs is changing the way that documents are exchanged online. The current process of exchanging documents is multi stepped and inefficient. Even existing eSign solutions simply allow for a signature but give no insight into the document.

SeamlessDocs has proprietary technology where we can convert any document into a fillable mobile friendly cloud doc that can be completed, eSigned if necessary and build a database of the information in real time.We make documents smarter. There is no question that everything is moving to the cloud and SeamlessDocs is the first comprehensive solution that allows anyone to easily convert any doc into a cloud doc and actually use the data collected!


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