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a Paperless Government

We specialize in working with governments to convert all their PDFs and forms into fillable, smart & secure online versions that can be completed and eSigned from any device.  You have form problems, we have solutions.

Turn Your PDFs Into

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In just 30 minutes learn how to take your PDFs, Word Docs, and non-fillable forms and transform them into online services with attachments, payments, and more for your staff and citizens - in minutes, not months.



Our technology digitizes and automates your existing forms and processes.  Five years from now a citizen will never have to download, decipher, complete and fax in a government form again.  It is forecast that 1 in 3 government transactions will be digital; thanks to SeamlessDocs this can now be possible.



Lee County, NC got up and running with SeamlessGov in less than 24 hours, converting 20+ PDFs into online versions with eSignatures, attachments and payments. Learn how.

Bring City Hall Online

Imagine a government where forms are a pleasure.

Get Forms Filled Out Right Every Time

Not only do we allow you to seamlessly bring your forms online, but our drag and drop platform lets you set rules and validations to make sure it is completed right.

Automate Workflow and Processes

Our tools allow you to easily automate processes once the forms are submitted. With a couple of clicks you can incorporate requesting attachments, payment, approval flow and more.

Make your government mobile.

The times of the pen and clipboard are over. SeamlessDocs enables all your forms to be filled out from any device.  Finally replace those reams of paper forms with an iPad!

Real Benefits.  Real ROI.

SeamlessDocs will automate all repetitive processes and sync with your existing systems.


Allocate tax payers money to something more important than wasteful paper. Increase revenue to better your organization.


A 24/7 City Hall. An enjoyable & easy experience for anyone completing your forms. Less Work, More Doing. True Service.


Live Tracking, Analytics and Insight for all your forms. Empower the data you currently are neglecting. The Result: Smart Open Data


By default all of Atlanta’s Forms will Comply with ADA, 508, ISO 27001, SSAE 16, PCI, Safeharbor and SSL Security requirements.


All your forms and docs can be completed from any mobile or tablet device seamlessly.  They can even eSign using their finger.


Seamless Automation.  Eliminate data entry. Increase data integrity. Faster communication. Never Download, Print, Fax, Scan, Postal Mail.

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Getting Set up is Easy

Finally a solution that allows you to keep your existing forms, but make them easy to fill out from any device.


Our proprietary technology automatically detects all fields and its easy to build in required fields, validation and workflow. 


Its as easy as replacing your old links to download a PDF with a link to your SeamlessDoc.


Every SeamlessDoc is exchanged over SSL and is encrypted to the highest government standards. You will be Seamless in no time.

Features Customized for Government

At SeamlessDocs our commitment to government means you finally will have a platform that understands your needs.


Never deal with handwriting again. Every SeamlessDoc is filled out neatly and even comes complete with a database of info.

Give Hints

Easily add hint bubbles to any field to make sure that the docs are filled out right the first time while guiding the citizen through the process.


We automatically build a secure database of the info collected on every form.  We can sync this with any existing CRM or database.


No more forms or docs fields out with missing fields and incorrect format.  We can easily set up validation to make sure it is filled out perfect!


All your forms and docs can be completed from any mobile or tablet device seamlessly.  They can even eSign using their finger.


We work closely with Box and Google but can sync the data and docs with any existing software or database.  

Sample Use Case

This is how SeamlessDocs can make your life easier.

Slow, Insecure, Inefficient

This is an example from the website of Tennessee Department of Childrens Services that is currently not fillable, which means the only way to fill it out is by hand!  Or open in Microsoft Word!

Real Time, Secure, Efficient

Not only is the form encrypted and submitted over a secure connection but it automatically builds a database of the info collected, meaning no data entry, deciphering handwriting or incomplete forms!

Our Words

September 10, 2014

I Didn’t Always Code for America

I didn’t always code for America. In fact, I am not sure I even knew it was an option. Like many start ups, I started SeamlessDocs by accident. I had a 65 person outsource paralegal processing center and was infuriated dealing with the inefficiencies of paper.

Jonathon Ende

In SeamlessDocs We Trust

SeamlessDocs is trusted by some of the biggest governments in the world to bring their forms online; but don’t take our word for it, take theirs.  Here are a few Press Acknowledgements and Client Testimonials.

Getting OPRA Requests submitted has never been easier. Finally getting rid of the HUGE paper stacks.

OPRA Request Team
Jersey City, New Jersey

The SeamlessDoc wizard has made the Claims Forms process easy to fill out online and even better, saves us almost 3 weeks of processing time. 

City Clerks Department
City of Los Angeles, California

Our citizens are ecstatic about our new fully online Forms section on our website!

IT Team
San Juan, Texas


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SeamlessDocs wins prestigious GREAT Tech Awards hosted by the United Kingdom

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